• Historical Fiction

    Celts and the Mad Goddess: A historical fantasy trilogy (The Deathless Chronicle I)

    Her death granted her immortal life. Her life might bring us untimely death. When Germanic warriors invade her tribe’s territory, a young woman called Rawena hides in a remote swamp. There she disturbs a goddess who should have been left to sleep. A goddess who dreams of cleansing the world of humans. Rawena emerges from the swamp alive—and carries a curse that might keep her so for millennia. And kill millions. Her life plummets into chaos as friends seek to destroy her, enemies offer her refuge, and the goddess gives her an impossible choice. Lose your humanity or condemn humankind to extinction. Celts and the Mad Goddess is the spellbinding first installment in The Deathless Chronicle, a fantasy series that will take you on a wild race through time and magical realms. If you like earthly and supernatural foes, action, and adventure, you will love this tale by the multi-award-winning P.C. Darkcliff. Go up and click Buy Now or Read Now to see what happens when Rawena tries to escape her fate. Read more