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    How Noburo Became A Ninja: A Story about Self-Confidence (Ninja Kid Noburo)

    A 5-year-old’s journey from Zero Confidence to Zero Doubts “Great book to help children and adults deal with self-confidence. Even when you are having a bad day. Awesome.”- Amy Smith Noburo is a 5-year-old kid. And like other 5-year-old kids, he too has a Dream. A unique dream of becoming a Ninja. But he doesn’t believe he can become a Ninja. Noburo’s grandmother sees him dejected and learns about his Dream. And then she gives Noburo advice tempered with the wisdom of ages. “This book teaches kids about believing in themselves and being confident. Illustrations are cute, bright, and colorful.”- Busy Mom. ‘How Noburo became a Ninja’ is an inspiring tale of learning to believe in ourselves to accomplish our goals. This book is perfect for parents of young children and will help develop their self-esteem. Read it to your little ones to boost their confidence and let them know they can be anything they want. The story is inspired by the life history of Thomas Edison. It delivers an important message for parents and children. This is the first book of the series ‘Ninja Kid Noburo.’ Join the journey of Noburo as he strives hard to become a ninja. But will he become a ninja, or will he be just another kid? Read the book to your child and help them unleash their greatness within. Get your copy today by clicking the “Buy Now” button right now! Read more