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    Finding Peace in Jesus: An Encouraging 30 Day Devotional

    Does life seem like it is spinning out of control causing you stress and anxiety?Do you know who God created you to be?Would you like to grow in your faith in God and find hope in Jesus? Finding Peace in Jesus: An Encouraging 30 Day Devotional will help you to put your eyes back on God where they belong and take them off of the problems you are facing because God is bigger than any problem or situation you may be facing. By taking just a few minutes each day you can find peace in every step you take with Jesus. He is right there waiting for you to come to Him. You can know with certainty the answer to the question “who did God create me to be?”. Finding Peace in Jesus is not only an encouraging 30 day devotional, but it is also a great devotional for women going through a hard time or anyone else for that matter. This encouraging 30 day devotional includes: 30 daily devotions Daily scriptures Daily prayers Different topic each day Take time today to start loving Jesus above all things by putting him first in your life. Interview with Patricia: How do you begin finding peace in Jesus?For me, it’s making it a priority to actually spend time with God, in His Word, in worship, and in prayer. It doesn’t have to be a lot of time. Just a few minutes each day helps me to clear my head and focus on what’s most important- Jesus. He has the answers I need if I just remember to seek Him out first instead of last. When did you begin to know who God created you to be?It started when I read a book by Neil Anderson that opened my eyes to the fact that I actually have a separate identity in Christ. I don’t have earn His love, but it is freely given. It is based on what Jesus did for me on the cross over 2,000 years ago. Read more