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    The Eternal Pain: When a family death leaves you empty inside we are bonded by blood

    Do you have a family who is always there for you? Do you understand that blood is always thicker than water? Are you prepared to do whatever it takes for your family? Family is the one thing you can rely on when the chips are down and you need help. When so-called friends and colleagues desert you in your hour of need, it is family that will likely be there to help you put the pieces back together again. Maintaining a close and loving relationship with your family members is crucial for so many reasons so it’s vitally important that you work on it as hard as possible. This book, The Eternal Pain, gives a deep insight into why our families are so important to us and how we can work to keep those strong bonds and make them even stronger, with chapters devoted to: Nurturing your family bond to ensure enduring strength Supporting your family through thick and thin Offering sympathy and help during times of grief How adversity can affect a family The uniqueness of sibling bonds Relationships between partners The pain experienced by loss of a loved one And much more… Our families contain some of the most import people in our lives and we generally do all we can to make sure they are safe and happy as much as possible. Interlaced with short stories that accompany each chapter, The Eternal Pain is a book that examines the differ relationships within families and how we interact with one another at times of great stress and difficulty. It is the perfect book for anyone who loves their family and would make a fabulous gift for a relative or loved one! Read more