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    The Futures We Make: How Our Hobbies Help Make Us Whole and Heal the Planet

    https://www.facebook.com/TheFuturesWeMake – Hobbies—now that sounds like a great idea. We all have them in various guises. Most of them are hands-on and can be done in our spare time. So can we harness our hobbies to help the world? To help save our planet? Not only is this eBook a call to celebrate and recognise the importance hands-on craftwork plays in humanity, i.e. craft as play (adults) and play as craft (children). It is also a call to use this craftwork for the planets future! This eBook responds with a resounding YES!…..Yet but how? The way we are purchasing our ‘stuff’, wastes millions of dollars we spend on gadgets and increases pollution and surveillance encouraged through expenditure tracking. All this is taxing the limited resources of our planet. All the while, this enhances the position of corporations and governments in controlling our day-to-day lives, yet does nothing to help our families and ourselves even in the short term. A handyperson, jack-of-all-trades and master of none, kitchen whiz, undertake hobbies green thumb, geek, hacker, IT nerd, wilder, prim-itive/prime-itive, survivalist and so forth. We can find them in sheds, kitchens, intentional communities, eco-villages, hackerspaces, gardens and IT labs. All these folks use a horizontal way of innovating, learning, sharing information—peer-with-peer. For too long, our hands on hobby skills have been overlooked and therefore not recognised for the positive contribution they can offer to our planet’s problems. Towards the end of the eBook, we undertake a fill-it-in step-by-step ‘action plan’ where one can help take your day-to-day hobby and use it to help save the planet! A big ask? Well, maybe. A bit silly? No way. You are already well on your way with your present hobby. Give this step-by-step process a go and let us know the results on the eBooks Facebook page. Our planet deserves our crafty help! Read more