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    Busy Miss Hoover

    The soft, warm breeze whispers to Busy Miss Hooverthat she would really like everything about Over The Moon…….. It was on the other side of the world, though.Would her friends come with her?She could only ask.And wait for the answer. Busy Miss Hoover and her friends led simple lives, but they were full of exciting adventures.Their first journey brings them to a place called Over The Moon. Do they actually like everything on Over The Moon? This is an illustrated, retro-style children’s short story book.It is the first of a series of 6 books.The series is called “Tales from Over The Moon”.4 books are available and the next two are expected very soon. A book with a charming sense of humor, and a message of daydreaming happiness. An anytime read, for children aged 3-7 years.This is a cheerful book, and who knows, it may become a favorite read! Click the BUY button and get your copy of this captivating book. Interview with the AuthorQ…What gave you the inspiration to write Busy Miss Hoover? A…The inspiration came initially from my everyday chores.I noticed, just how busy I was, every day doing the same repeated chores! We had a small house and a very large dog, so I would go to the cupboard and get the hoover out and mop the floor,every day.The other characters came from the various, very funny menagerie of pets that my family has known over the years! The idea for a “rather lovely thinking hat” for Busy Miss Hoover to wear, came from my elder son.Ben would always put on his school blazer to do his homework, so I gave Busy Miss Hoover a thinking hat. A sort of busy wizard’s magic wand, if you see the connection!Something that turns on the magic! Q…Is there a message in the book? A….I like to think that there is a message for most of us in the book. To realize the value of time taken for yourself, not only to recharge but to let your mind wander into deeper thinking, feeling, and just ruminating to reconnect with yourself at a deeper level. In Busy Miss Hoover’s case, it is her daydreaming that connects her up with her inner self,and she makes her decisions from that place. I think allowing yourself to daydream even as a youngster, is a great asset throughout life. Read more