• Young Adult

    The Pariah (The Pariah’s Journey Book 1)

    When Keo was only five years old he did something that no other person in the kingdom of the Midlands had done—he spoke to a tiger-hawk. The enigmatic creatures only ever communicated with their riders with whom they bonded empathically at hatching. This rider, Keo’s sister, Celine, foretold that he would do great things one day.The Pariah follows Keo as he begins his journey to the creature handler training camp where he believes his destiny with a tiger-hawk awaits. After preparing for this destiny for ten years he confidently charges forward only to have his dream dashed and labeled as a pariah.Keo is unaware that a greater destiny awaits him which will draw him across a continent, through dangers and battles with enemies both human and magical, to save the entire world from an impending darkness.If you like morally based coming of age stories set in a medieval world of magic and fantastic creatures, The Pariah is a book that will start you on a journey of excitement and wonder. Read more