Friends in the Fence: a Picture Book Story Full of Imagination, Feelings, Friendship, and Fun.

    Donny is a little boy with a big imagination who finds friendship in the most unusual place. His friends are the faces he sees in the wood grains of his fence! Join in the fun with this whimsical picture book and meet all the imaginary friends Donny makes along the way. The story playfully rhymes along with Donny as he discovers the quirky personalities of his new friends and how each one helps Donny understand and deal with different emotions and feelings. But, what’s even more fun and silly is what he learns about himself in the end. Friends in the Fence is the first book in a series full of wonder, imagination, and a full range of kid’s emotions, with each book telling a new exciting tale about each of Donny’s friends he found in the fence. For ages 3-8, preschool through 2nd grade. Read more