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    Coco The Puppy Learns To Make Friends: A Cute and Engaging Rhyming Story about Friendship and Social Skills

    Friendships can help a child develop important life and self regulation skills. This in turn can help them later in life. You as a parent play an important role in helping your child develop these skills and abilities. Would you like to teach your child how to make friends and develop social skills? Look no further! This sweet story of Coco the puppy entertains and teaches children the art of making and keeping friends. Coco The Puppy Learns To Make Friends is a beautiful picture book for toddlers and preschoolers that will help you in teaching your child how to make and keep friends. It tells an engaging story that will help your child learn how to make and keep friends in a fun and engaging manner. To make this a more entertaining and engaging experience, ask your child to point out the characters in the story and make them repeat the story after you. You can also make this book your child’s regular bedtime story book so that they can enjoy the story experience while they learn. So what are you waiting for! GET IT NOW!! Add this amazing story book to your cart and ENJOY! Read more