• Horror

    Langley: A Black Diamond Origin Story (Black Diamond Series)

    Langley is a valued assassin in the Black Diamond’s guild of mercenaries and spies. But what of his life before? Sixteen-year-old Langellus is the son of the famous obilin dance master and travelling performer, Zosar von Madan. His days involve endless training in this intricate form of masked dance, his nights watching carnivalia performances both for the affluent and the poor. When an assassin invades the camp and attacks the obilin master, Langellus vows to find out who tried to kill his father, and why. What does the Goddess of Death have in store for Langellus? Will he find Zosar von Madan’s would-be killer before it’s too late? Discover Langley’s thrilling origin story, set eight years before Oath, and his journey from masked performer to deadly assassin. Read more