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    Spiritual Mechanics: the Nuts and Bolts of Reality: Enlightened master and disciple of Osho Rajneesh satsang wisdom

    What does it take to be free? To be truly happy and content? To know the truth of who or what we are beyond the dream of the ego? These are questions that seekers ask, but few ever find the answers. Spiritual Mechanics is a glimpse into the private dialogues between a spiritual master and his closest disciples. Vishrant studied under Osho Rajneesh in India and in Oregon, USA and continues Osho’s legacy today. Since enlightenment in 1999, he has served as a nuts-and-bolts teacher of higher consciousness and enlightenment who shows seekers a pragmatic way towards creating a mind that will support Truth and Love. This collection of transcripts gives you a lively, relatable picture of the challenges that seekers may face in the world in the marketplace and within themselves, and the profound beauty that can be found in the presence of an awakened one who lives as the essence of what we are, our own true nature, freedom itself. Chapter titles include: · From Suffering to Enlightenment · True Maturity · The Spiritual Ego · Unconditional Surrender · Self Acceptance · What Happens in Enlightenment? · We Are One Vishrant’s teachings are free of belief systems and religious ideologies. The invitation is for you to investigate the truth for yourself. Read more