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    Gut-brain Secrets, Part 1: Good Food, Bad Food: Nutrition and Toxins in Food + Gmo’s and Glyphosate

    The "Gut-Brain Secrets" series tells you precisely how gut problems (bad bacteria, poor digestion, nutrient deficiency, and leaky gut) turn into mental health conditions (Attention Deficit Disorder, autism, GAPS conditions, and anti-social behavior), as well as most chronic, degenerative diseases, and autoimmune conditions. In Part 1, “Good Food, Bad Food”, you’ll learn how microlife in the soil gives plants the nutrients your body needs to run exquisitely, overcome disease, and resist the aging process. On the other hand, modern “factory farming” kills life in the soil, depletes nutrients, and toxifies people and planet. This is the story of how the two systems (commercial/industrial agriculture vs. Nature and “bio-friendly” farming) produce food that either helps the body, or harms the body, depending on how it’s grown. It’s THE biggest factor in your health or your sickness today. Soon, you’ll know the secret sources of each, so you can consciously invite more health into your life, while making your body inhospitable to dysfunction and disease.