• Young Adult

    Rising Ash (The Rising Ash Saga Book 1)

    Ash Donovan has lived for seven years in a fallen world with no memory of her prior life. When she was just eight years old an unexplained virus killed off most of humanity. Those left behind became mindless, flesh-eating creatures. Only a handful of survivors remained. This is the only world Ash has known. As her memories slowly resurface she realizes that she can no longer hide the secret she has been carrying for so long. * * * * * * * Praise for ‘Rising Ash’ * * * * * * *”This is a lovely story full of nice vivid imagery. Westerman has a smooth well-developed style and everything clipped along at a good pace. The scene/ world-building is good- make that great- rich and evocative, dropping me right into the world. Quite a feat for an indie author…” -Lindsey Williams, author of ‘Motherhood’. “…Ash herself is a touch and resourceful character with a mysterious past. It left me wanting to read more!” -Katherine Bryant, author of ‘Branna’s Song: The Coldwood Saga’. “I find Ash to be an interesting character. She presents as a tough and savvy zombie hunter as she goes in search of stuff. In this book, what that constitutes the stuff is not revealed in its entirety. It is known that some of the stuff has to do with Ash’s past. However, there are hints that Ash has another side to her.” -Stacy Overby, author of ‘Ambrosia: A Poetry Anthology’. Read more