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    The Forgotten Sky: A Sci Fi Fantasy Space Opera set in a Dystopian Galactic Empire (The Crown of Dreams Series Book 1)

    Like nothing you’ve read this year. Layered in story and intrigue and brimming with character. In a galaxy at the edge of imagination. Six diverse characters share a strange dream: a figure composed only of shadow holding a pulsing red sun in its palm. Ruled by six masked councilmembers, the Northrite corporation exploits the powers of Elemiscists—those with magical abilities—and keep them as indentured servants. When a nearby sun turns bloodred and begins pulsing, people flee their homes and the millennia-old government crumbles. Together, a military recruit, a sheltered woman, a cunning slave, an environmental activist, a morbid bounty hunter, and a medieval knight hope to understand their shared vision. They fight for survival and against all odds struggle to curtail the rise of the Northrite corporation. The fate of the galaxy will depend on these six people. The Forgotten Sky is perfect for fans of Sci Fi Fantasy like Star Wars and Dune, and fantasies like A Game of Thrones and The Fifth Season. R.M. Schultz is a #1 best-selling Sci Fi and Fantasy author and has published over a half dozen best-selling novels. The Crown of Dreams series is already being hailed as the next great epic. Scroll up and click the READ NOW or BUY NOW button near the top right of this page to join thousands of addicted readers in finding out what happens when these protagonists encounter the Northrite. Note: Similar to A Game of Thrones, these books contain sex and violence—although not as often and not as graphic. “… compares favorably to … Dune, and Schultz’s impressive worldbuilding skills are apparent …”—Kirkus Reviews “It gave me Game of Thrones vibes, but so much better (if possible) … To say I loved this is an understatement!”—Readers’ Favorite “Characters, story, world-building, and twists as vivid and complex as A Game of Thrones. But in a sci fi fantasy space opera and dystopian book series with some sex content for adults. Readers of space opera kindle unlimited and Star Wars fans will devour it.”—Dan Patterson, Team Jaycken, Author “R.M. Schultz is a master storyteller, and his effects are spectacular … The Forgotten Sky … is a gorgeous treat not only for fans of science fiction but for any reader who adores superior storytelling.”—Readers’ Favorite Receive ***TWO FREE BOOKS*** for your starter library and get access to R.M. Schultz’s exclusive Readers’ Group at rmschultzauthor.com Read more
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    Knights, Witches, and Murder

    In a land where the wolf wind and mists roam like ghosts, the conflicted son of a witch was knighted by the king. Knighted to repay a debt to his father. His name is Calec. He alone holds knowledge from both the knighthood and the mysterious witches of the woods.