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    The Princess’s Chair and Her Farting Affair!!: A Funny Read Aloud Bedtime Rhyming Book For Toddlers/Preschoolers/Kindergarteners/KIDS (1-6)!!

    Come Along with ‘The Little Princess’ on Her Fascinating Journey! This amusing rhyming story is about a Beautiful Little Princess that teaches kids gratitude and humility! Little Princess Farting Chair is a proven winner, making kids laugh. It’s a humorous read-aloud rhyming book that’s ideal for the first day of school or any other day. A Glimpse of the Story:“Little Princess isn’t like any other princess. In her Farting Throne, she enjoys farting. When people inquire why she did it, she claims that the chair made the farting sound, not her. However, she will have to replace her Royal Farting chair at some point! When her chair is gone, how will she fart?” Blurb From the Book:The princess then shifted in her royal chair, and the sound of a poot ripped through the air. Everyone stopped, and at the princess, they stared. She turned a bright red before she had said, “It was my royal chair, on this I do swear, this was no sound from my dairy air!” Features: A humorous story with adorable, pint-size characters that are simple enough for young readers yet funny enough for adults. Ideal for children aged 1-6. Boys, girls, early readers, primary school kids, and toddlers will love this book. Counselors, parents, and teachers will all benefit from this, too. Your child will learn friendship, kindness, honesty, and gratitude from this book. It’s good for a good giggle, and bedtime snuggles. **Warning** The word ‘fart/poot’ appears in this work. So, don’t bother and get your copy right now! Read more