• Paranormal

    Drakaina’s Fire

    Daphne My existence is one of constant danger. I am the oldest, the leader of a race of immortal warrior women. We are the stuff of myth and legend, with the ability to shift into powerful beings, The Drakaina. But now we are being hunted by Apollo’s Champions, our greatest enemy from times long past, who we had thought stamped out of existence over a hundred years ago. When General Everett DuBois enters my life, he turns everything upside down. His very presence ignites a primal fire within me, but I don’t have the time to give into it. My sister Michelle has just been captured, our enemy is back from the dead, and for the first time in twenty-five hundred years, the continuation of my people’s immortal lives is on the line. And yet, the mating call beckons me… and my Drakaina is determined to answer it. Everett Daphne Drak is the defense contractor I’m assigned to investigate, and I never fail at my assignments. All part of making sure the taxpayers are getting what they paid for. At thirty-five, I’m the youngest General in the history of the armed forces. I’m used to getting my way. But this woman won’t even return my calls, even as she sets my blood on fire with her emerald eyes and luscious curves. Daphne completely derails not only my assignment, but my life of military discipline, schedules, and routines. You can run all you want, Daphne. I WILL catch you. Read more