• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    Dark Wolf (Shapestepper Series Book 1)

    All he wants is to be left alone. All they want is a leader to hold them together. For decades, a pack of wild wolves has stood between the small village of Millhall and outside threats. What the villagers don’t know is that the howling entities protecting them are actually their next-door neighbors. Well, except for Fang, who would rather spend his time in wolf form than human. After all, why mingle with people when you can run alone, four paws solidly on the ground? It really is a shame the other Changers chose him as their leader, foiling his plan to spend the rest of his years in happy isolation. But when a village youth is injured and Fang stumbles into the heart of one of the Shaqui tribes living in the surrounding woods, he realizes his plan to live alone my need to be put on hold…at least long enough to stop an impending war. As the Changers try to untangle what, exactly, is behind the rising tension between Millhall’s villagers and the Shaqui tribes, Fang’s past explodes in his face in a way he’d never in his wildest dreams anticipated. Should he run—again? Or should he trust the team he’s worked so hard to keep at bay—a team that doesn’t care much for him, either… Check out the other books in the Shapestepper Series!:(#1) Dark Wolf(#2) Gray Blizzard(#3) Lost Pup