• Young Adult

    Outbreak: A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Thriller

    The end of the world was the beginning of his nightmare… Kip Garrity’s father is the only other person in his life, now that civilization has been destroyed by a viral catastrophe known as “the Outbreak.” But his dad is sick with sepsis and will be dead within three days. To save him, Kip must leave his barricaded house for the first time in years and make his way to the abandoned pharmacy across town, which may or may not have the antibiotics his father needs to live. As he struggles to survive against an onslaught of crazed, infected humans he once called his fellow townsfolk, Kip will meet Melanie, a girl from school he never thought he’d see again. Kip and Melanie must work together as each tries to accomplish an impossible mission, though Kip knows his growing affection for Melanie could put their lives at risk. When a group of raiders led by a psychopath who calls himself “the Colonel” captures the two teens, Kip must outthink and outmaneuver these twisted killers while evading a horde of zombies quickly closing in. The clock is ticking. Kip has a plan so crazy it might work, but it will require a horrifying sacrifice—and a single misstep could doom both teens to a fate worse than death._________________ “Man, it is intense. The realism pulls you in and makes for an intensely riveting read…” – Amazon Reviewer “Ranks in the top 5% of the hundreds of ‘end-of-the-world’ books I’ve read.” – Amazon Reviewer “I suffer from zombie fatigue…It says something about this book that I am giving it a huge thumbs up.” – Goodreads Reviewer “An edge of the seat book… Twists and turns you don’t expect.”– Amazon Reviewer Read more