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    Tales of Tervia – Gripping High Fantasy Stories From A Monstrous World

    “Billing is an imagination stoker, a writer cloaked in humanity‚Äôs secrets, with a coveted writing style that grips a reader’s own inner demons. He is an author to watch.” Whiskey & Wit Book Reviews “Strange, new monsters, different heroes and endings that make the reader think, ‘What will happen next?’ P.K. Macy Readers of Joe Abercrombie and George RR Martin will appreciate the gritty realism of Richie Billing’s writing, yet at times it possesses a light-hearted and humorous touch akin to the works of James Barclay and Nicholas Eames.  And for those who adore the coming of age heroes of Brandon Sanderson and Patrick Rothfuss, you’ll find characters that will whisk you away on epic journeys of discovery, intrigue, friendship and love. Tervia. A land of forgotten magic, foul beasts, and heroes in all shapes and sizes.  Marry yourself to the causes of a dynamic and charismatic cast of characters as they battle their way through the gritty high fantasy world of Tervia.  Their stories explore themes ranging from finding purpose in life, the ignorance of the proud, and the refusal to change.  Expect fast-paced, suspenseful high fantasy stories, gripping sword and sorcery action, and original fantasy races and monsters.  Fans of high fantasy books, epic fantasy, low fantasy, urban fantasy and grimdark will love the stories that comprise the Tales of Tervia. Find out more at www.richiebilling.com.   More Books By Richie Billing Fiction Flying On The Ground   Non-Fiction A Fantasy Writers’ Handbook Thoughts On Writing   Read more