• Religion & Spirituality

    Below the Surface: an Inspirational Christian Suspense Novella

    A deep-rooted fear. A fresh perspective. Life will never be the same. Dave Tisdale’s rocky past drives him to succeed at everything important to him. His superior physical fitness, stable career, and beautiful wife swell his ego as he passes judgment on anyone not up to his standards. One morning, everything changes. The prideful man is exposed, and his life implodes. Confronted by his worst fear, Dave crumbles and so does his charmed life, including his marriage. Despite the desire for his old way of life, Dave pushes the people closest to him further away with each defiant act.  Dave has a final opportunity to turn his life around, but it will require significant change. He needs to go below the surface and change his heart. If Dave can’t summon the will to change, everything important to him will be lost forever. Read more