• Paranormal

    The Love of a Lycan: Shifter Academy Book 1

    Slip into the Secret World of Shifting Beasts and Witness Their Pursuit of Love and Supremacy in the Ensuing Supernatural Battles to Come… His eyes drop to my lips and I know what he’s about to do. I smile as he leans closer and presses his lips to mine. Instantly, a fire is lit inside us both and passion consumes us. Madison James always felt different than other kids, finding herself left out and the target of bullies from an early age. But she was about to find out why on her 18th birthday. Her life would never be the same again. Waking up in the middle of the night covered in dirt, footprints led across her bedroom floor to an open window. She couldn’t remember a thing, but these mysterious incidents kept happening. Finally revealing these occurrences to her grandmother, she found out about her emerging powers as a wolf shifter. No longer safe to stay, Madison is sent away to an academy to cultivate her powers with other supernatural students. In her new environment, she encounters powerful, new rivals, but strong allies, too, to help her on her journey. The Moreau cousins, hottest boys in school, are mysteriously drawn to her… and this sparks a dangerous attraction to one of them. Acting on this newly awakened desire and forbidden love and coming into her new power as a wolf shifter opens a new world to her. It’s what she’s been hoping for her whole life, but this dream comes at price…as she’ll soon find out. The world is counting on Madison. If you want to know if Madison will answer her calling, scroll up and click “Add to Cart” right now.