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    Life After Liberation: Contains Special Prayers Things to Know & Exact Steps to Take Immediately After Deliverance

    Today, deliverance is a potent and important ministry in the body of Christ. It is one that God is emphasizing and returning to the church, and we have been working on this area at Threshold for some of our books. (For more on deliverance, see our previous books.) We’re seeing some amazing deliverance testimonies. Praise God for His movement! What Comes Next? When an individual achieves deliverance, the issue of “Now what?” often arises. What does a person expect after giving birth, and what are some keys to walking in their newfound freedom? Jesus implied that evil spirits could attempt to return to the people from whom they were cast out (See Matthew 12:43-45). He didn’t tell us this to make us nervous, but to brace us for whatever way they could want to strike or reenter. We must not adopt a fearful or paranoid attitude about this; but, we must be conscious and prepared. James 4:7-8 gives us some great instructions for walking out our freedom: “Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” We will preserve our freedom and flourish in our walk with the Lord if we follow the keys in this book, LIFE AFTER LIBERATION. Read more