• Horror

    The S.H. Livernois Starter Library: A Multi-Genre Collection of Short Works & Excerpts for the Adventurous Reader

    For adventurous readers only. Meet your next favorite author with this collection of speculative fiction shorts and excerpts. A zombie hoping for his big break. A robot caught up in his master’s deadly schemes. Two sisters who’ve never met a monster they couldn’t defeat. A city run by telepaths and the woman who doesn’t yet know she’s chosen to overthrow them. And a tired husband who can’t keep his wife from slaughtering innocents every full moon. Enter the dark and mysterious mind of author S.H. Livernois through this collection of short stories and teasers of full-length works. Many genres, characters and themes can be found here. A horror comedy that explores the tragedy of discrimination, and another that asks what happens when you’re married to a werewolf. A mystery story with a bit of robot science fiction mixed in, a time travel story that’s more about self-discovery, a couple paranormal tales–one with a lost ghost and another with a lovelorn vampire. There’s also a dystopian tale–add in some telepathy for a dash of magical realism–about the nature of truth and privacy; and an introduction to pair of amateur sleuth sisters, who solve supernatural crimes and defeat monsters without batting an eye. What unites all of these stories? Suspense, mystery, a supernatural twist, and a bit of the metaphysical. Read more