• Paranormal

    The Den: A Paranormal Witch Romance

    Mai Sasaki is a kitsune witch. Growing up in a small tea shop with her mother was not her idea of fun. After high school, she left for college, vowing never to return. Nine years later, standing in front of the tea shop, Mai wants nothing more than to have her mother train her to be the best witch possible. Yuri Sasaki owns a tea shop known as The Den. In the supernatural community, this tea shop is a necessity. Patrons visit Yuri for everything from common aches and pains to shape-shifting mood stabilizers. When her daughter appears after being away from home, she reluctantly gives her a second chance. Mai must now prove to her mother that she has the discipline to be her mother’s apprentice. Her first assignment – meet with a client and give them a treatment. Will she be able to find them in time? This book is suited for those interested in young adult fantasy but who would like to see older characters. It is a clean paranormal romance with characters that are in their late twenties. Read more