• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    My Abett: A Sci-fi Fantasy Adventure Romance (Acatalec Series)

    She’s destined to end his world, but without her his world would be nothing. Cast aside by his own family for his cursed power Cable climbs the political mountain of influence by competing in the Seven Sun’s Celebration races to earn his place among the elite. Chasing after his brother, who stands in his way of victory, he finds himself on Earth and running into his abett he thought died when they were children. She isn’t safe if Acatalec finds she’s alive, but neither can he let her go completely. Tyler gained a set of wheels to replace the use of her legs when she was eight after a drone accident she doesn’t even remember. When her brain implant gets hacked by a fixer, and they offer her a chance at being a pilot she ignores the risks and discovers her love of illegal drone races that sets her on a dangerous path she doesn’t even know the half of. My Abett is a Sci-Fi Fantasy Adventure Romance perfect for fans of K.F. Breene, Amy Bartol, redemption archs, and magical fated mate bonds. Delve into how Cable and Tyler began before The Kingdom of Acatalec. Read more