• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    Larry’s Familiar Tale: The Crossroads Keeper (The Crossroads Keeper Series)

    Nothing ever happens at O’Malley’s Supernatural Scrapyard amongst the piles of rusting and broken magical machinery. Jesse, a washed-out witch, and her Rottie-Pitt mix canine Familiar, Larry, aren’t expected to do more than keep an eye on things … until the Mob shows up demanding entry. Jesse and Larry race against the clock to find a long-forgotten magical tool that bends time and space. A mobster mage plans to activate it … and export his criminal syndicate to the stars. After all, crime pays, and there’s a whole, big universe to exploit. If they don’t discover and protect the time bender before it falls into the wrong hands, it won’t be just the scrapyard that is destroyed … but the galaxy. * This book is the prequel to The Crossroads Keeper series. Greek gods of myth and legend mingle with the supernatural creatures of urban fantasy in this modern tale filled with danger, humor, and even a canine super-hero. It contains mature themes and includes swearing and violence. * Read more