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    Oh Dear Happiness! The lost treasure of contentment

    This story is about a man called Ramesh and his greed for money. Ramesh lives in a remote village. His father is a farmer who earns little. Since his childhood, Ramesh hated being poor. Things take a turn when his father dies. He owes his father’s death to their extreme poverty. His father’s death forces him to leave everything behind in search for money. Soon he is a well-known businessman. But the increasing wealth makes him more and more greedy. He becomes a cruel and atrocious man. But as he grows older he realizes nothing lasts forever. He tries to change but it was too late for him.Through the story, the author has emphasized how to remain happy in most adverse situations, how to fight with our biggest enemy that is us and how to attain the much longing state of “nirvana”. The author is a medical professional and a well-known dermatologist in the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India. Apart from being a bonafide doctor and author and co-author of various books, articles and scholarly publications of his specialty, he is a proficient motivational speaker and has been influencing the lives of thousands through his ideas and eloquent speeches.