• Young Adult

    Catching a Sorcerer: a Young Adult Urban Fantasy

    After a sorcerer kills her mother, fifteen-year-old Melantha is forced to live with her overbearing Gran. She longs for freedom, a normal life, and her spell-turner powers to develop. Then elf from the Magic Council offers her both freedom and justice for her mother’s murder. But her life will be anything but normal. She’s their only hope for catching the sorcerer. All she has to do is help the Magic Council get past the sorcerer’s defenses. There’s just one catch. She has to befriend the wimpiest kid in school: the son of the sorcerer. If she doesn’t succeed, the sorcerer will be free to unleash his plan to remove magic from all spell-turners. But she’ll have to be careful, or she may end up the sorcerer’s next victim. A fast-paced urban fantasy featuring a kick-ass heroine, spell-binding magic, and dark fantasy with a twist of humor, fans of young adult contemporary fantasy will love Sara C. Walker’s urban fantasy series! Pick up a copy today and begin the series that readers say they can’t put down! Read more