The Ultimate Sirtfood Diet Cookbook: Your Absolute Guide for Weight Loss, Burn Fat and Improve Quality of Life With Sirt Food Recipes and a 7-day Meal Plan for Beginners

    How would you like to lose up to 7 pounds in 7 days? The sirtfood diet is an easy-to-follow diet that you can easily follow to lose weight quickly and keep it off. Sirtfoods are foods that are rich in sirtuins. You might ask, what are sirtuins? Sirtuins are a class of protein that that research on mice and fruit flies have proven to help in regulating metabolism, burning fat, and increasing muscle mass. The Sirtfood Diet is beneficial in sustaining weight loss, giving energy, and improvement of health. Famous Uk based singer Adele is one of many celebrities that followed the Sirtfood diet and has gotten wonderful results. To go into the sirt diet, you need a guide to follow, and the “The ultimate sirtfood diet cookbook: Your Absolute guide for weight loss, burn fat and improve Quality of life with sirt food recipes and a 7-day meal plan for beginners” is your leading goto guide to help you out in following the diet. Here are what you will discover in this book: What sirtfood diet is all about The risks involved in being overweight The phases of the sirtfood diet A 7 days meal plan to get you started Delicious and healthy recipes WHO IS THIS BOOK FOR? This book is for anyone: who wants to lose weight as quick as possible FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Can I lose weight if I read this book? The sirtdiet is a diet that helps you to lose weight, and what is contained in this book are detailed instructions to help you lose weight, So “YES,” that’s if you read and follow the instructions provided in this book. How do I start the diet? Contained in this book is a meal plan that can help you get started