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    How to Build Healthy Relationships: The 12 best-kept secrets for avoiding couple conflicts and developing happy long-lasting and anxiety-free relationships with the special people in your life.

    It’s a fact of life that interpersonal relationships aren’t always as easy as we would like them to be. Relationships that connect us physically, emotionally, and romantically with our partners are the primary goals for living life to the fullest; however, we have all experienced, at least once, the pain of being in a partnership with someone that looks perfect at first glance and then reveals themselves as controlling or toxic, someone you cannot trust, and that brings an emotional upheaval in your life. You may also have experienced staying with someone you trust, yet an inexplicable sensation of anxiety still developed in your thoughts. It can be heartbreaking how widespread those issues tend to be. Often, the consequence is a downward spiral of insecurity and negative thinking, with the only result being a worsening of the quality of other aspects of your life.The truth is that we live in a highly complex world, and we face it with no guidance or support. In my years as a consultant, I have learned that the leading cause of a bad relationship is simply that many people don’t know how to properly handle their interactions because nobody had told them before. In How to Build Healthy Relationships, I have summarized the 12 best-kept secrets that healthy couples use to live their dream. As a result, you will never have to fly blind, as many partners do, and expect relationships to just fall into place. In this book, you will learn that the key to understanding others’ behavior is to understand yourself better. Then, I will explain, scientifically, how you became who you are and the mechanism behind developing your character. In the end, you will have a clearer picture in your mind of what a healthy relationship is and what to look for to achieve one. Finally, you will be aware of the steps needed to create the relationships you want without simply relying on your intuition and those painful trials and errors. You will learn how attachment and love develop. You will finally be able to give a name to many of those unexplainable feelings you have when you look at your partner. You will learn the reasons and the mechanisms that ignite fear and anxiety in your mind so that you will finally have the right weapon to handle those painful emotions and avoid them from taking over your life. Among many other things, you will learn how to spot the signs of an immature or narcissistic person before they become a problem for you. With How to Build Healthy Relationships, you will finally gain the answers to questions like: What are the most important aspects of a healthy relationship? How do I overcome my relationship anxiety? How do I maintain a healthy relationship? How do I spot an emotionally abusive partner? Read more