• Romance

    Locked Security

    Growing up with three brothers, Freya Olysses is no stranger to overbearing males who supposedly only have her best interest at heart. But that didn’t prepare her for her infuriating new bodyguard, who is as rigid as he is delectable. Hired to protect the Olysses mafia princess, Gunner Anderson is settling in for an easy job. After all, how hard can it be to protect the spoiled heiress? But what started out as just another job soon turns into a battle of wills. But when enemies close in, Gunner is the only one Freya can trust to keep her safe. And maybe he isn’t as arrogant and bossy as she first thought. But can a princess and her bodyguard ever have a future together? This is the prequel novella to Stealth, the first book in the Locked Security series. Gunner and Freya’s story concludes in the novel Stealth. Note from the author: Please don’t start throwing tomatoes or one-star reviews at me after reading this novella and realizing there is more to Freya and Gunner’s HEA. This is a prequel to the full story, and will hopefully give you a glimpse into the characters and my writing. That way you won’t go into the novel blind, and know what to expect. Happy reading! Read more