• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    Torn From Stone (The Phoenix Series Book 1)

    The creature under the sink says you’re not human, and only a trip into time itself will show you the truth.  After a lackluster birthday party, Phoenix finds a strange creature hiding under her sink.  Doing what any sensible person would do. She pokes it.  And when that little guy wakes up, he rocks her world. Phoenix isn’t human. The little guy under her sink just told her so.  She’s actually a Traveller; a beautiful humanoid who moved through time on multi-coloured wings that filled the sky.  So why is she here, sitting on the floor of her tiny apartment with a strange creature named Sid?  Why doesn’t she remember any of this? And where are her wings?   Following Sid into time itself, Phoenix embarks on a wild adventure.  If the Sirens don’t kill her, meeting a talking Yeti might. And ancient Egypt is amazing when it isn’t so ancient. Although she could do without all the snake-men chasing her. And through all this, the most terrifying man in her home world, a silver-skinned warrior named The Archer, is hunting her down.   Don’t worry, when the stuff really hits the fan, Phoenix isn’t afraid to swing her baseball bat at whatever is in her way.  They say you can’t get blood from a stone, but maybe you can get wings?  Either way, Phoenix sure as hell is going to try. Can a city girl travel to ancient lands, do battle with fantastical creatures, and literally find her wings? Get Torn from Stone for free today and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime.