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    5-minute Modern-day Bedtime Stories: for Building Character:

    Not long ago, in a land very near, a parent wanted bedtime stories with a point. If you’re that parent, look no further! This first book has fourteen stories that are: relevant, fun, contemporary, short, and geared toward essential virtues. As a parent of young boys, Savannah Bloom found read-aloud stories to either be1) antiquated fairy tales, 2) too cheesy, or 3) contemporary and fun, but without a moral lesson. So, Mrs. Bloom set out to write 5-Minute Modern Day Bedtime Stories to fill a void for parents wanting to use the vital bedtime routine to both entertain modern children AND teach valuable character to their little ones, especially geared for ages 5-9. She wanted to provide parents like her with read-aloud stories that……make sense to today’s children.…are witty, fun, and entertaining. …are whimsical, but not cheesy. …build character.…and are short, so you can go do adult things. Her first collection promotes character traits such as: Honesty, Self-Control, Helpfulness, Kindness, Positivity, Persistence, Gratitude, Cleanliness, Hard Work, and more, all while containing several features that parents will appreciate: – Fun and serious questions to discuss with your child to ensure the lesson hits home.– Human protagonists only, because research shows that kids learn character best from other kids – not anthropomorphic animals (Larsen, Lee, Ganea. Developmental Science, 2017.)– All original stories, though some parallel old favorites (example: The Boy Who Cried Drone).– Whimsical and fantastic vibe through use of technology (drones, portals, virtual reality, etc) with just enough plausibility to spark STEM dreams.– No illustrations to motivate kids to lay in bed, close their eyes, and fully engage their imaginations rather than demand you awkwardly position the book to show them every picture. If this sounds like what you’re looking for, then click the buy button today. Read more