Young Adult

    Exposure: Hyperfocal Series Book 1

    When an ordinary teenager discovers an extraordinary ability, can he resist pushing it too far? Mike Capshaw’s life is stiflingly bland. After losing his parents two years ago, the 17-year-old city boy feels stranded in small-town America, with godparents who didn’t expect him, a crush who doesn’t see him, and a teacher as his only real friend. But when his affinity for history leads him to discover a secret—one that allows him to experience life within photos—he learns just how dangerous the past can be and that sometimes there’s an even bigger picture. Can Mike master his newfound ability and escape his dead-end existence, or will a simple mistake cause his dreams to die with him? Exposure is the groundbreaking first book in the historical time travel series: Hyperfocal. If you enjoy history, adventure, and unusual abilities, you’ll love Scott Brockman’s unique approach in this incredible debut novel. Buy Exposure today and experience history from a whole new perspective! Read more