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    Dwarves & Daisies: Manhattan Magic #0 – A Cozy Urban Fantasy

    Holiday season? More like holifae season. Mom always said, “Melina Morgan, nothing good ever came from messing with fae, and you can take that to the bank.” She taught me how dangerous the Fair Folk are, how to avoid them, and what to do if they ever found me. And now they have. After finding a drunk dwarf puking outside my bedroom window in the middle of the night, weird things are happening in my quiet coastal town of Cold Creek, NC. Like, super weird. And I just know they’re connected to that dwarf who suddenly rolled into town. I also know I’m the only one who can protect Cold Creek. All I wanted was another fun-filled holiday. Guess that’s a big ho, ho, nope. Dwarves and Daisies is the start of a new cozy urban fantasy series. Read more