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    TOTALLY SCREWED: An Alpha Bad Boy Romance Collection (Marine, MMA, BWWM)

    A BAD BOY ROMANCE COLLECTION full of your favorite authors from the Scribble XO Book Club! Hunky billionaires, bad boys, models, military men and more! A fantastic collection full of sizzling pages of love, suspense and captivation romance. Inside is a Gift just for you! JasmineI never thought that it would come to this. I’ve watched my best friend’s brother fight for years without letting myself go there. And now that tragedy has struck I can’t help but be drawn towards him as we cling to each other like never before. I know he’ll hate me once he realizes that his world fell apart… because of me… CainI can’t change the past but I’m damn well determined to move forward with Jasmine. How could I not? I’ve fantasized about her for years. And now with her at my side I can finally focus on winning my first title in the cage. But something just doesn’t seem right… I feel like, she’s hiding something from me….________ AmaraAfter all that we had been through the last thing I needed was to get myself involved with a cocky cage fighter, even if he was the most gorgeous blonde I’d ever seen. I just needed to focus on my job and move on to the next patient. But every time I saw him he disarmed me with his charm and made my heart do things I’d never seen before… JacksonAfter a devastating loss I thought I had lost everything – my belt, my team, my knee… But then this angel dedicated herself to my recovery and I found hope again. I had promised her that I’d never fight again but I have to get back in the cage to reclaim my dignity. And I can’t do this without her…________ StellaI’m used to coaching knuckleheads both in and out of the gym. For so long all I’ve wanted was to help my brother get a title of his own. But after what’s happened, I have no choice but to start over… And partner up with one of our rivals… A sexy Scotsman known as the “the baby faced killer”. AaronI didn’t make a name for myself in the fight clubs overseas by being a weak man. I go after what I want until I dominate the competition. Now that I’m in the States I have something to prove to everyone who’s ever tossed me aside. The bonnie new trainer can definitely teach me something new… ….plus THREE MORE ROMANCES, all sexy MARINES included! Who doesn’t love a stud in uniform? This collection includes romances from authors featured in the Scribble XO Book Club. They are standalone stories. No cliffhangers. BONUS GIFTS INSIDE! Intended for mature readers only.