• Horror

    Blood, Brains and Bullets Censored

    ***WARNING – CONTAINS GRAPHIC VIOLENCE, HEARTRENDING TRAGEDY, AND PERSONAL SACRIFICE.*** ***THIS IS THE CENSORED EDITION AND CONTAINS NO EXPLICIT SEXUAL CONTENT *** ***You can purchase the uncensored version here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00AVLL5XE. This uncensored and expanded edition is approximately 7,000 words longer and contains a large amount of explicit sex.*** Professionally Edited Edition. Approx. 138,500 words. 400 pages. Blood, Brains and Bullets is Book One of the new Blood, Brains and Bullets series by Sean Liebling. It starts on Day One of the Outbreak and continues through the first seven full days after its apocalyptic climax. Jay has started his daily routine as a single father of three, when the news hits of massive deaths— then reanimations—from the vaccine distributed by the government to combat the super-flu virus that has been sweeping the globe. For Jay, it’s irritating because it interrupts his normal comedic attempts at nailing every sweet piece of ass in the area. Being a survivalist means he has a lot of ‘stuff’, as you can never have too much, and before he can even take shelter in his homemade retreat to ride out the apocalypse, friends start showing up who need his help. Before he knows it, he’s forced into the unenviable position of assuming leadership over his community, or what’s left of it, and fighting on multiple fronts against the forces of the evil undead, neighboring marauders, and assassins of a Shadow Government with a secret, 200-year-old New World Order Eugenics plan. Of course, that plan of theirs doesn’t include him and his, so this Marine does what all Marines do best: He kicks ass without bothering to take names, and along the way he happens to fall into the clutches of a girl or three. Women can be very demanding. Even during a Zombie Apocalypse! Jay is a dedicated self-styled player who gets lucky more often than not, and has a soft spot for children. As one of ‘those survivalists’ they always talk about on the news, he’s better prepared than most when the shit hits the fan. During the coming days and weeks, he will be forced through circumstances to grow up (reluctantly) and does his utmost to save his community from the forces of the secret Shadow Government, while melding close friends, survivors, and salvaged military units on the run into a force to be reckoned with! But it isn’t over yet, because Jay is a Marine, and he has a few tricks up his sleeve which he fully intends to implement while accumulating as many girlfriends as possible. This series will have you laughing hysterically at Jay’s womanizing antics, then crying like a baby during scenes of heartrending tragedy and sacrifice. It will also make you cheer when and if the forces of good triumph over those of evil. Written with the help of a medical doctor and a doctor of psychology, along with survivalist friends of all stripes, the scenes you read inside are what would really happen in an endgame situation with a comedic spin to it. This book is a testament to what good men can do when doing nothing simply isn’t an option! The trick is to act quickly and decisively. Being a Marine also helps, of course! Read more