• Young Adult

    A Guerrilla Guide to Enforceable Boundaries: Boundaries for Everyday Life and Safety

    This is the third book in the personal safety series and builds on the work of the previous two. It is specifically written to help parents, teens, and adults of anyage—including men in the area of boundary enforcement forpersonal safety. Not only will it guide you through the skill of creating practical boundaries for self-protection, it provides you the tools to enforce against, and identify predatory behavior. This is a critical life skill. It’s one you cannot afford to breeze overand one that will improve the quality of your life everyday you choose to use the skills found in this book. As with the A Guerrilla Guide to Avoiding Sexual Violence book—this book includes anonymous true accounts of boundaries set, breached, and over-reached. A Guerrilla Guide To Enforcing Boundaries picks up where most materials end—guiding you in the steps you can take to build and enforce the boundaries you really want. Read more