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    Our Magical Planet: We Are Earth Protectors – The Ocean Mystery

    Explore the thrilling adventures of OUR MAGICAL PLANET!A page-turning chapter book for children aged 6-9 OUR MAGICAL PLANET: TWO STORIES, ONE BOOK We Are Earth Protectors When Sophia and Liam find a secret path in the magic forest, an out-of-this-world adventure begins! The friends have a very special mission: To help save Earth’s ecosystem! They must go on a daunting journey on another planet, find a treasure chest, and complete their quest.But what secret do the aliens hold? The Ocean Mystery When friends Tabatha seahorse and Lionel Crab are catapulted into an adventure, they make a shocking discovery. Someone has stolen the colours from the Great Barrier Reef! The corals are white! The friends must venture into dangerous places to solve the mystery.Will they discover who has taken the colours? These stories empower next generations and show them that they are the key to saving planet Earth. Complete with beautiful illustrations and educational tips demonstrating the importance of caring for the natural environment. Create to inspire kids, teachers, and parents alike. From the Author I’m on a mission to engage children and teenagers in sustainability. My stories are optimistic and entertaining, sprinkled with magic, friendship, and mystery. I talk about climate change, pollution and environmental issues in a simple but inspiring style.It’s never too early to change the world, and my books want to make it fun. Read more