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    A Dose of Nice: A Parker Bell Florida Humorous Mystery – Book 1

    The clock is ticking when coffee addict Parker Bell, bestselling novelist and Atlanta cyber security company owner, comes back to her hometown of Po’thole, Florida (pronounced Po Ho by the natives and Pothole by anyone north of the Florida Georgia line) to help out with the Old Fashion Antique Show and Sale. Why is Homeland Security suddenly interested in Northeast Florida? Why are businessmen dying off faster than you can go through a fast-food drive-through line? Murder, mayhem, romance, and bodies pile up as Parker and the roving band of five hormonal, caffeine-and-sugar-infused die-hard University of Florida football fans aka Lady Gatorettes try to unravel the murders in the Florida steamy summertime of ‘oh, it’s so hot you can fry an egg on the sidewalk.’ If you love fast-paced, wacky action and a fast-talking, caffeine-loving heroine, this book is PERFECT for you! Crazy isn’t just for tourists. Parker Bell Florida Humorous Mysteries A Dose of Nice – Book 1A Honky Tonk Night – Book 2The Faberge Easter Egg – Book 3Little Candy Hearts – Book 4Lights, Action, Camera – Book 5A Turkey Parade…And Murder – Book 6 What readers are saying about Sharon E. Buck’s books: Parker Bell is a wise-cracking, hard-hitting southern woman with a wicked sense of humor and a tainted view of her southern family and one-time classmates. With a tongue-in-cheek voice that’s a little reminiscent of Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum, Buck holds nothing back as she crafts a tale of murder and mayhem in a small city that’s never experienced such a spree of good old boy killings in its entire history. Dose is the first novel by this author and there are a few rough spots, but don’t let that put you off! I suspect that every book in this series will be funnier and heavier hitting than the one before. Parker is such a hoot, I actually miss her sassy self. Looking forward to the next book!~ NL Quatrano, author I loved this book. The antics of all the characters, who are larger than life in many cases, made me laugh out loud on several occasions. I thoroughly enjoyed the synopsis of typical ‘small town’ mentality woven into a much bigger plot. Fast moving and funny. More please, Sharon E Buck!~ Julie Z., Australia This book is an excellent read! It’s typical small town life in full color. The characters were humorous and the plot was fast moving and entertaining. When reading, I could relate many of the characters to someone typical in my hometown. This was a wonderfully written novel. It left me wanting to read another installment of Parker Bell’s life.~ Rhonda Odom Read more