• Young Adult

    Somebody’s Watching Me: Some Secrets Never Remain Buried

    In the wake of an agonizing loss, Nikki Lewis embarks on an emotional odyssey through the labyrinth of healing and self-discovery. In the haunting shadow of her late husband, George, Nikki’s life takes an unforeseen twist when a serendipitous encounter with a mysterious stranger along the tranquil harbor shatters the delicate equilibrium she’s painstakingly crafted. As Nikki delves deeper into the enigmatic connection between this stranger and George, she becomes ensnared in a perilous game of intrigue and evasion. A cryptic family emerges, bearing an uncanny familiarity with her late husband. Their relentless pursuit threatens to unravel the fragile threads of Nikki’s existence. With her very survival hanging in the balance, Nikki must summon a reservoir of inner strength and resilience to confront the secrets shrouding her husband’s past and the malevolent forces that refuse to release their grip. In this riveting narrative of love, loss, and subterfuge, Nikki Lewis will come face to face with the profound truth that sometimes the quest to reclaim one’s life demands unwavering determination to defy those who seek to manipulate it. Can she unearth the hidden depths beneath the surface and summon the fortitude to forge a new path, or will the specters of the past consume her once and for all? Somebody’s Watching Me is a heart-pounding tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page, a journey of resilience, revelation, and the unbreakable human spirit. Dive into Nikki’s world and discover whether she has what it takes to conquer the darkness that threatens to engulf her. Read more