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    Girls Like Me: 12 Short Bible Studies About Biblical Women

    Have you ever wanted to read the Bible more but didn’t know where to start? Or have you wished you could relate to what you read in the Bible on a more personal level? It’s not easy to find commonalities between us and Mary the mother of Jesus or Esther the queen. But what if we were more like them than we thought? What if their stories mirror our own lives? What if we were as trusting as Mary or as daring as Esther and we didn’t even realize it? Girls Like Me is for the young woman who wants to develop a Bible reading habit but also relate to what she reads. It’s an easy-to-read devotional for the student, new wife, new mom, or new Christian. Girls Like Me will challenge you to read your Bible more, discover how your life is similar to those of the women in the Bible, and challenge you to live life a life of meaning and purpose. Read more