The Ghost Girl: Ghost Suspense

    After the brutal murder of his girlfriend, Tristan is devastated. He cannot imagine life without her and spends his days in a fog of grief and despair. But then, something strange starts to happen. Tristan begins to have vivid dreams about his girlfriend. In these dreams, she appears to be communicating with him from beyond the grave. At first, Tristan is sceptical. He knows that dreams can be nothing more than random firings of the brain. But as the dreams continue, he begins to believe there is something more to them. His girlfriend’s messages are clear and specific, and they seem to be leading him towards something. As Tristan follows the clues in the dreams, he finds himself on a path that he never expected to be on. He uncovers secrets about his girlfriend’s past that she had kept hidden from him. He also discovers that her murder was not a random act of violence, but rather a targeted attack. Read more