• Mysteries & Thrillers

    The Blood Line: A Gripping Detective Mystery (DI Hogarth The Blood Line series Book 1)

    When Detective Inspector Joe Hogarth is called to a crime scene, he finds a grim and confusing murder. The victim was bound to a chair and stabbed to death. The method suggests a gangland execution. But why did the killer administer a blissful overdose before the fatal stabbing? Clues are thin on the ground. But not for long… Another body is soon discovered, bearing all the hallmarks of the first victim – down to every torturous detail. Hogarth must race against the clock to crack the clues before another victim dies.And in the background, a man from Hogarth’s past is released from prison – with one thing on his mind. Revenge. Fighting crime on all sides, working through layers of sin, temptation and greed Hogarth must track the motive and the killer before more blood is spilled – and all the while he must watch his back… because a time of reckoning is coming. Read the new DI Hogarth mystery today. THE BLOOD LINEFeaturing two compelling characters, DI Hogarth and DS Palmer bringing justice against all the odds. In this epic trilogy, villains will rise and heroes will fall… but can Hogarth survive the shocking ending? GRAB YOUR COPY NOW! Read more
  • Mysteries & Thrillers

    The Storm House: A Gripping Detective Mystery (The DI Hogarth Storm House Series Book 1)

    A local campaigner is found dead in the garden of an infamous house. Among the clues Detective Inspector Joe Hogarth finds a clear attempt to throw the police off the scent. Someone is determined to keep them from the truth behind a vicious murder, but who? Penny Wharton was murdered in the wild garden of a derelict house – the house that had become a symbol of her campaign to save the victims of Storm Archie. Wharton had spent her life whipping up a storm to bring justice. But in the end she was the one struck down. The motive for Miss Wharton’s murder seems straightforward, but there are many players in this game, and everyone has something at stake. Meanwhile, Detective Sergeant Sue Palmer has a serious problem with local gangster Alex Galvan Galvan wants a pound of Palmer’s flesh, and he will stop at nothing to get it. Fighting against a rising tide of pressure, greed, and corruption, Detectives Palmer and Hogarth are in danger of going under… and losing everything they hold dear. Their integrity. Their careers. Their lives. A Storm is coming. And it may claim everything in its wake. The Storm House: A truly gripping crime thriller. In a stunning conclusion, DI Hogarth and his team must find a killer as DS Palmer’s crisis threatens to turn into a disaster of epic proportions. GRAB YOUR COPY NOW! Read more