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    Grandpa Mudcake and the Crazy Haircut: Funny Picture Books for 3-7 Year Olds (The Grandpa Mudcake Series Book 1)

    Grandpa Mudcake has FOUR different hairstyles in this book – can you spot them all? You’ll usually find Grandpa Mudcake in his armchair, watching TV. Sometimes, you’ll find him in the kitchen eating biscuits. After lunch, he likes to take a little nap. Don’t disturb him or he’ll get very grumpy. In this first book in The Grandpa Mudcake Series, Grandpa’s hair is growing longer and longer. He desperately needs a haircut. However, a trip to Bazil’s Barber Shop leads to a terrible – but hilarious – mix up! • What happens to Grandpa Mudcake’s hair?• What will Bazil do to make things better?• What will Grandma Mudcake say when Grandpa arrives home? Find out what happens to grumpy Grandpa Mudcake in this funny picture book for 3-7 year olds. With its quirky illustrations, this book will amuse children and parents alike. For a FREE kindle copy of Grandpa Mudcake and the Crazy Tea Party visit: www.reginald-stinkbottom.com (WARNING: With Sound Effects!) Some 5 Star Amazon Reviews: ★★★★★ Hilarious★★★★★ Love this book★★★★★ Really funny story★★★★★ Grandkids liked it★★★★★ Good illustrations More Quirky Picture Books by Sophia J. Ferguson: • The Adventures of Reginald Stinkbottom• The Reginald Stinkbottom Colouring Book• Grandpa Mudcake and the Crazy Tea Party• Grandpa Mudcake and the Kitchen Calamity• Grandpa Mudcake and the Angry Chihuahua• Grandpa Mudcake Goes Internet Shopping• BRAND NEW: Grandpa Mudcake and the Rickety Robot