• Romance

    Tea For Two: A Hazel Falls Novella (Hazel Falls Series Book 1)

    Fate has given them a second chance at love. But will they take it? Five years on from the death of her husband, Rosie firmly believed she’d live out the rest of her days alone, serving afternoon teas in her tearoom, in her small Welsh village. She’d suffered more than enough heartbreaks in her forty-two years and was done looking for love. But an eerily familiar grin shakes up her life and rips apart everything she believed. Could this man really be her first love back in town, twenty years after he broke her young heart under the waterfall? Bryn was back in Penbodlen, the small hometown he once found claustrophobic, to get his affairs in order. The last person he wanted to bump in to was Rosie, the only true love of his life and the one he had compared all other women to. When they find out about the little keepsake of their night of passion in Rosie’s growing belly, will they finally find the courage to give this second chance at love a go? Tea For Two is an interconnected stand alone small town romance. It is the first book in the Hazel Falls series set in the fictional village of Penbodlen, set deep in the Welsh valleys. Some of the characters pop up in each other’s stories, it is a small town after all, so it’s more fun to read in order, with no risk of spoilers. Read more