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    I…AM…CHEETAH!: Animal Chapter Book for Kids (The Wild Animal Kids Club 1)

    Five friends discover a magical portal. Their destiny forever changed when wild animals seek future wildlife warriors. Which child will be chosen by the cheetah? Join five friends as they discover the secret of the magical portal and wildlife warrior beads. Beads fueled by their courage and imagination that hold the key to opening the mysterious portal. A portal that brings the children face to face with three magical cheetahs. Meet cheetahs, Chase, Blade and Sunshine, as they help the children explore the wonders of the endangered species in a way they could have never dreamed of. One special cheetah must choose a wildlife warrior with a pure and loving heart for all of Earth’s endangered creatures. It’s a bond that will last for a lifetime. But first, these friends must find the courage to stand up to the park bully that believes all animal lovers are just a bunch of geeks and nerds. Will the Wild Animal Kids stand up for what they believe in and protect their magical cheetahs? Only…if they can believe and find the magic in themselves! The Wild Animal Kids Series was written for newly independent readers. With high-interest content, the story is filled with rich characters, beautiful illustrations, witty kid dialogue and a fast-paced plot. Kids around the world will enjoy a magical adventure in this amazing wild animal book chapter book series! Read more