• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    Storm Ring (Zero Point Light Book 1)

    Centrifugal winds and a tsunami wall … Woken from what should have been a short-haul hiberstasis, six space voyage passengers discover their starship convoy was attacked by unknown forces. Brought by ship’s computer to a little-known world, Nebura, they have to choose between returning to the last-known location of their convoy, or going onworld, issuing a beacon, and waiting for rescue. A simple plan … what could possibly go wrong? Down on Nebura the planet is in the grip of an environmental stilling. Getting to the only safe place left on the planet means crossing the world-encircling storm ring – the stuff of nightmares. Not only that, a megalomaniacal Siqdori leader and his alien quest to revive a long-proscribed space weapon system have made things exponentially worse. The Siqdori seeks to expand the Empire, a truly dystopian society, far beyond its current environs. The said ring of storms will be the least of their worries … Praise for Storm Ring If you like Sci-Fi, you will like Storm Ring! 5 stars Carol M.I really enjoyed the story and will read the author’s other Sci Fi books. My son is now reading it, and LOVES it! A science fiction adventure with twists.5 stars Roger Fast paced, adventurous and well written science fiction! 4 stars Devinder Dhiman The pure “cool factor” toward the end was a nice redemption. 4 stars Ryan J Doughan Powerful narration that takes you along for the ride.5 stars Amazon customer Apocalyptic & Post-Apocalyptic SF Action & Adventure Hard SF Alien Contact