• Young Adult

    The Nine Jewels

    The Beginning of the Nine Jewels Unicorn Series.Gideon suspected it wasn’t a coincidence. Ashton’s plans to accompany her cousin to New Delhi matched his parent’s speaking tour dates in India. But when he arrives for a visit, there’s only one thing on his mind. His mother is missing and he’ll do anything to find her. Even if it means negotiating with kings, transporting mischievous monkeys, and battling flesh-eating monsters. Ashton insists on accompanying Gideon in his search. After losing her own parents, she’s not willing to stand by when Gideon’s world has been turned upside down. She’s learned to create fire, but can she control it when their lives are at stake? Unicorns are invisible to mankind—unless you’re fortunate enough to have them as a protector, or foolish enough to threaten their ward. So why does Zara, a young deaf girl, see Egorn? There’s unicorns, fascinating folklore, and danger unlike anything they’ve encountered before. Welcome to exotic INDIA! Read more