• Romance

    Something Blue (Cedar Hill Romance Book 1)

    CEO Diana Lennox is determined to maintain control of her company until the sexy upstart engineer purchasing Lennox Inc. proves he can run it. Logan, the upstart engineer, has returned to his hometown of Cedar Hill, PA looking to develop an innovative manufacturing process he worked out while risking his neck for Uncle Sam. All he needs is a suitable factory to convert, a little money to cover start-up costs, and no interference. Instead, what does he get? A blasted corporate heiress with the perfect company, a perfect body—Delete that. Stay on track, Carmichael—and the nerve to insist on retaining fifty-one percent control of the company he is buying as security on her investment. “I’ll have her out of my company and into my bed,” he vows. And so he does until he makes a fatal mistake that tears them apart. By the time Logan realizes he loves her, it’s too late. Now, he will have to risk everything to win her back.